Upper Mustang Trek Permits, Costs, and Required Documents

  • Updated on Aug 9, 2022
  • Govinda Gurung

The extraordinary journeying licenses are expected for the majority of the traveling area of Nepal other than the Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang regions. Uncommonly journeying regions which is an open boundaries or are associated with different nations are called limited traveling regions by Nepal Government. Upper Mustang a secret Buddhist realm of Nepal likewise associated with the China line. Upper Mustang trek is a confined region in the North West of Nepal. To Enter Upper Mustang you'll need several permits and meet the necessary requirements.

Upper Mustang is a continuation of Lower Mustang on the Annapurna Circuit yet its kin and scene are vastly different. Officially, yet privately, known as the Kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang was a confined disarmed region until 1992. Visiting Upper Mustang is a chance for all adventurers to stroll on the old Himalayan exchanging course investigating rustic life and mountains. The explorers need to get a unique pass to visit the superb heaven of Mustang. At the point when you book upper bronco tiji celebration journey with us, no stress over grant our organization oversees everything.

In this way, licenses for Upper Mustang Trek incorporate Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit. A confined region license is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to give on the way, so make a point to gain it before you start the excursion.

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Is it important to have a traveling permit?

Obviously! A special permit, ACAP permit, and TIMS are vital to journeying in the Annapurna preservation area of Nepal. So ensure that you have all permits and finished official conventions. In any case, ACAP and TIMS check post punishment you twofold charge in the event that you request to give the ACAP permits and TIMS on the way. Confined region extraordinary grant impractical to give on the way, ensure before start trip either from Kathmandu or Pokhara.

What Kind of Permits do I Need?

Everybody entering the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) region requires a passage permit which costs $20 per individual for a solitary section into the area yet is legitimate however long the trip takes.

There is no limitation on the timeframe an individual can remain in the ACAP region. What's more, in the event that somebody is going into Upper Mustang (from Kagbeni onwards) they require a RAP (Restricted Area Permit).

These expenses are $500 per individual for 10 days. In the event that more extended is required, an extra $50 each day is charged.No TIMS or Trekkers Information Management System card is expected for Upper Mustang as the Restricted Area Permit(RAP) is adequate as it gives subtleties of the traveler and his/her objective if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis or issue.

Upper Mustang Permit Cost in Summary:

  • Limited Permit Cost: $500 per individual for 10 days. Assuming longer is required, an extra $50 each day is charged.
  • ACAP Permit: $20 per individual.

Things You Should Know Before Trekking to Upper Mustang

  • Thus, make sure to coordinate your journeying with the contribution of the enrolled nearby traveling organization.
  • At least two individuals are expected to be in the gathering to acquire grants for Upper Mustang Trek.
  • In the event that you are traveling just in the Upper Mustang district, there is no requirement for a TIMS card as there are no TIMS really look at presents on the way to Upper Mustang.

Until 1992, it was a limited disarmed region due to its nearby boundary association with Tibet. What's more, any traveling trail which has a line with China/Tibet needs an exceptional grant. In view of the great Upper Mustang license cost, this trip is viewed as one of the costly journeying objections of Nepal for outsiders.

The grant charges to get into this area rely on the span of your traveling days. You really want to acquire two distinct sorts of grants to travel around here and they are;

What records are expected to get Upper Mustang Trekking?

  1. Duplicate substantial visa
  2. Copy of Nepal visa
  3. Visa size 4 photographs (for TIMS and ACAP as well)
  4. Neighborhood organization understanding and schedule
  5. Least two adventurers
  6. License expenses US$ 500 (for 10 days)

Where Can I get Upper Mustang Trekking Permit?

All unique journeying licenses including the Upper Mustang Trekking grant are given by the traveling branch of the Nepal Immigration office In Kalikayastan Kathmandu. Nepal Tourism board doesn't give the Upper Mustang license however other journeying Permits like ACAP, MCAP, and National parks grants are given.

RAP Permit Fees

The expense of an Upper Mustang ACAP license for outsiders is NRs 3000 for each individual (approximately 30 USD) when applied autonomously. However, on the off chance that you are a piece of the gathering, the ACAP license charge is NRs 2000 for every individual.

For SAARC nationals, the ACAP passage grant expense is NRs 1000. Similarly, the license is liberated from cost for youngsters under 10 years.

They acknowledge Nepalese money, so you really want to have cash available while applying for the grant. At the point when you are going with a traveling office, they will orchestrate these for you.

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