Privacy Policy

Himalayan Frozen Adventure wants to know about the client's information and the Customer will also know our Policy. At Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan we have to arrange your information effective trip and smooth. Our team will be esteemed for the privacy of clients.

When you join us we fully trust you, and you to trust us. Thank for choosing our company, our team is committed to your right to privacy and personal information. If you have any question about your destination, policy, concerns and personal information, let contact us at [email protected] or 9840396708 Whatsapp and Viber.

When you visit our website and choose our services, then we trust your privacy. We explain this privacy policy, how we use this and what right you have in relation to it, so together believe is our privacy policy.

What kinds of information are required for Himalayan Frozen Adventure?

  • Customer Name, email address, contact number, address, and postal code.
  • Customer passport photocopy and true information.
  • identification documents.
  • We provide the necessary information by email.
  • If you want to update information with us you can contact us by email or WhatsApp.