Wilderness region trekking Overview

Wilderness region trekking is the rare adventure trail and fewer trekkers' destination in Himalayan Nepal, for this region trek the trekkers have to be physical fitness. Himalayan Frozen Adventure has perfect packages for hidden Valley experience, which region can provides the best memories in your lifetime. Wilderness region trekking adventure are  Kanchenjunga circuit trek, Makalu base camp trek, and Ruby valley trek. This region living people are Tibetan, centuries ago who come migrated across the border.  

All are they poor and live in remote villages of Nepal. It's enthralling beauty, where can see amazing traditional Tibetan culture and remote local people's lifestyle. Nepal Eastern Wilderness region trekking is full land of verdant farmland with spectacular forest range and enjoys through the way amazing flora and fauna. Kanchenjunga circuit trek is the highest point of this region and Mount Kanchenjunga is 3rd highest peak in the world. Wilderness region provides to explore landscapes traverses, mountainous terrains, rare traditional culture, Homestay experience, natural trails, Buddhist with Hindu religion, and local people lifestyle. 

For the journey, this region trekkers need to a special permit, and wilderness offers homestay, lodges, camping, and tent experience. Himalayan Frozen Adventure provides for this high pass remote trek best experience guide and Such equipment like; sleeping bags, cooking materials, first-aid kit, food, camping material and more. Wilderness region trekking is one of the wonderful natural experiences in Himalayan Nepal.