Mustang Region Trekking Overview

Mustang Region Trekking is a great opportunity to express your adventure in the Himalaya landscape, it offers Buddhist Culture, Tibet region with culture and lifestyle of between the border of Nepal and Tibet so this adventure is going deepest experience for trekkers. This region package is categorized as a rain shadow. Trekking to the Mustang region is can be a wonderful moment in your life experience, and include to explore Annapurna (8091 m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Mustang King palace, and Monasteries. 

Mustang region was being opened since 1992, and trekkers need a special permit to enter this region. Mustang region trekking itinerary follows the best town of Lo-Manthang, impressive walled, traditional village, fields, and most of Buddhist monasteries. This destination located west part of Nepal Mustang district, where can be available to enjoy through tradition, costume, history, geography, and culture. This popular region is fully rich by natural beauty. 

Mustang Region in the 16th-century monasteries remain active, Thanka art, unrivaled frescoes, adorned, gigantic deities and preserving ancient traditional culture. Mustang trekking packages are Upper Mustang trek and Lower Mustang trek which is a major destination. Mustang region has found a good facility for accommodation and meals. This trekking is a rain shadow trekking zone, where it is best to go May, June, July, August.