Types of trekking

Nepal is also called the trekker's paradise as most of the mountains with a height of above 8000 meters are in this place. This is what attracts the trekkers, apart from that there are various other mountains and hills where people can start their trekking campaign. This place has varieties of mountains and hills, which has its own difficulty level. There are various forms of trekking arrangements in Nepa and some of the famous trekking types in Nepal are Teahouse trek, Homestay trek, Guesthouse/lodge trek, Camping.

Teahouse trek

The Nepali word Bhatti is the direct and clear definition of it. This basically means the small local lodges where one can eat and sleep. Initially, the teahouse was the small ta shops where the trekkers can stop and enjoy tea, but with the course of time when the number of tourists started increasing the teahouses transformed themselves into fully-fledged lodges where one can have food and accommodation at a minimal price. Such lodes are managed and are inhabited by locals.

Homestay trek

In Homestay Trek, the visitors are welcomed to stay with a local family and to live with them under the same roof. Such kinds of trek facilitate the tourist to have a closer view upon the way of living of the people, their culture and give the visitors an opportunity to adapt to the surroundings and learn various things. Staying in a homestay helps them to know a place better, try different local cuisines, explore more.

Guesthouse/ lodge trek

These are the cheaper versions of hotels. Numerous guest houses and lodge can be found in Nepal who provides all the required services but at a decent price.


This is one of the famous ways for trekking where one can simply choose to stay in the tent on the amazing and mind-blowing sites. The person needs to take some of the cautions before camping so that nothing gets disturbed during the stay tenure.