Everest Base Camp Trek in March, April, and May

  • Updated on Aug 20, 2021
  • Govinda Gurung

The Mount Everest Base Camp Trek in March or April and May is one best season for Everest Trekkers, where the temperatures are generally warm and the high Himalayan is not too cold. In fact, the Everest region is a classic adventure trekking route as well as touch the base camp of Mount Everest and magical Kala Patthar viewpoint 5,545m. March to May is the most delightful season in Everest and get an unforgettable experience. In the spring season, everything revitalizes to a new life like green lush jungles, colorful flowers, diverse colors natural, different colors of the valley, magical mountains, and frozen lakes. 

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the nature and landscapes of Himalayan Everest and discover the wide range of rare flora and fauna. We, Himalayan Frozen Adventure assure you that your trek will be unique and memorable from March to May. This pre-monsoon time is widely considered the best time to travel to EBC. As you can see the filling the mountain trails with different colors of rhododendrons, bamboo, and oaks. 

World-famous trek Mount Everest Base Camp is the dream of adventure trekkers to see surrounding views of Mount Everest ranges, massive Khumbu icefalls, glacier lakes, traditional culture of Sherpa peoples, and rare flora and fauna. Spring and Autumn is the major season of the Himalayan treks. Below notice are the important things to know before going to Everest Base Camp Trek in April and May.

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Everest Base Camp Weather in March 

March month is starting off the spring season, as well as weather also begins warm-up. The day temperatures start to increase but night temperatures will be still cold around high altitudes. The trail isn't much crowded because people wait for next month, so then, March is the best experience of the EBC Trek. Day Temperature will be more the 7 °C, and night temperatures drop down to around -12 °C and daily wind speed around 15 km/h (roughly 9 mph) in March. 

Everest Base Camp Weather in April 

April month is one best season for spring and Everest Base Camp Trek, as well as the hike, will be most comfortable. April is the perfect month for the spring season to trek around the Himalayan. April is still in the dry season and becomes warm than March, the climate is between cold and hot, but few nights you have to spend colder nights in high places of Khumbu. You will enjoy the exciting landscapes, magical mountains, amazing waterfalls, glacier lakes, clear sky, and lush forests during April. In April month, the day temperature will be more than 7 °C, and the night temperature drops down to around -12 °C and the daily wind speed around 15 km/h (roughly 9 mph) in April.

Everest Base Camp Weather in May 

May is the last month of this spring season and before arrive monsoon. You will feel warm sunny weather and bright sunshine around the Everest Base Camp Trek. Temperatures are more bearable even in high-altitude places like the Everest Base Camp and in lower places. Day temperatures will be more than 15 °C, and night temperatures drop down to around 0 °C, and daily wind speed around 15 km/h (roughly 9 mph) during May.


April to May is the ideal season for trekking in the Everest region, it is dry, sunny, and the best time to trek. Kathmandu can be getting uncomfortably hot but mountains are still cooler. The Everest Base Camp temperature will be around -10°C. The minimum of which averages to -7°C, and the maximum temperature averages to 10°C during the April and May months. You will encounter considerable temperature change between night and day in the Everest region.

Recommended routes in March, April, and May 

Everest Base Camp Trek 
Everest High Passes Trek 
Everest Gokyo Cho la Pass Trek 
Everest Panorama View Trek 
Phaplu to Everest Base Camp Trek


Start your trek in early 

After having breakfast, you have to start your trek in the morning therefore, you reach the destination before the evening because April and Maydays are short. Each day you have to walk around 6 to 8 hours. Better to start your trek in the early morning as well as get to enjoy the view of landscapes.

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty in April 

The Everest base camp trek is difficult through Kala Patthar (5,545m) rock way and Everest Base Camp (5,364m). It's the most challenging adventure trekking in Himalayan Nepal. If your health is fit and already has done trek above 3000m then, Everest base camp is not difficult for you.

Is it safe for a solo female traveler? 

Of course, the solo female traveler is fully safe, Himalayan frozen Adventure is responsible for teams, who leading many solo trekkers through the Himalayan and made them successful.

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