Langtang Valley Trek in Autumn (September, October, & November)

  • Updated on Aug 28, 2021
  • Govinda Gurung

Before choosing the destination you should have to know about the trekking season. Especially, our this blog is for those trekkers who are planning to trek Langtang Valley, as well as, we provide detailed information about Langtang Valley Trek in Autumn (September, October, & November). Autumn is one of the most popular seasons for Langtang Trek and other Himalayan Treks.

Langtang Valley is also known as the glacier valley, this trek is the best short and easy trail from Kathmandu city. Langtang Valley Trek is famous for its unique Tamang Heritage, magical landscapes, enriched in biodiversity, natural scenarios, distinctive Himalayas, amazing hills, and beautiful villages of the Himalayan region. 

In Langtang Region has four different weather conditions in the varying seasons of Autumn, Spring, Monsoon, and Winter, but Autumn is most better season than others. Langtang Valley Trek in the Autumn season has stable weather conditions with bearable temperatures, therefore, all of the age trekkers will feel most comfortable at this time.

Trekking to Langtang valley in the Autumn season you walk on warm sunny days on the drier trails but the nights and morning can become colder yet. You will enjoy the beauty of the natural and cultural aspects of Nepal with amazing mountain views.

During this season, you have a great opportunity to explore rare flora & fauna, colorful forests, and pass through sub-tropical to temperate to the alpine climatic zone of Himalayan Langtang. Read more information about Langtang Valley Trek in the Autumn season (September, October, & November).

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Langtang Trek in Autumn (September, October & November)

This Langtang Valley Trek is possible to do Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter, but Autumn is a different experience than other seasons and wonderful. The temperature, weather, and climate are most better in autumn, you will see amazing Himalayan views and walk through the colorful forests. Based on the bearable temperatures, climatic conditions, and the side views the trek offers, the autumn months are the best time for this Langtang Valley trek. The stunning blue skies, clean air, striking mountains, and green valleys are the major attraction of the Autumn season.

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Langtang Trek Weather and Temperature in September

September is unique and the first month of the autumn season, which is transits the autumn from the monsoon season. But you will meet fewer crew trekkers during the trek. In September, some of the time might rain, and visibility will be poor.  The trail is cover with lush forests, green valleys, and the beauty of landscapes. The days are warm and bright which temperatures averaging around 10°C to 15°C, the night is cold and temperatures averaging around -10 to -1 degrees Celsius.

Langtang Trek Weather and Temperature in October

October is mid of Autumn season and this most is the most perfect time to trek around the Himalayan. You will get to see the great view of the High Himalayan, walk in the perfect weather perfection, and the trail becomes easy and incredibly beautiful. October month is best for clearest skies and the sparkling Himalayas views, as well as, you can see the famous festival Dashain/Tihar during the October month.

The days are calm with moderate temperature, but evening, night, and morning are cold. On October day temperature will become around 13 to 25 degrees Celcius. The high point of Langtang Valley temperature can drop to freezing temperature at night.

Langtang Trek Weather and Temperature November

November is the last month of this Autumn season, you will feel more enjoy in Langtang valley in November than another month. November is the best month to explore the majestic Himalayas, pristine landscapes, the beauty of nature, and the exciting culture of mountains peoples. The trail is beautiful and easy, you can relish the amazing Himalayan panoramas and get the unique experience of Himalayan. The temperature isn’t as cold as in winter. Nights are chilly at higher altitudes. 

Langtang Valley Trek Accommodation in Autumn

Langtang Valley Trek accommodations are Lodge and Teahouse. Around Kathmandu, we can find a good facility with comfortable accommodation at the Hotel. Langtang Valley Trek all accommodations are on a twin-shared basis. During the trek, Himalayan frozen Adventure will manage room with attached washrooms. In the teahouse, we have to share the toilet. A single room is available in Kathmandu and the lower elevation trekking region but might be impossible for higher elevations.

Langtang Valley Trek Meals in Autumn

Kathmandu has included only breakfast. During the Langtang Valley Trek, all meals will be provided. In the Langtang region, we can enjoy Nepalese food with international cuisine like Tibetan, Continental, Indian, Tibetan, Italian, etc. Through the trek, we have breakfast/lunch at the teahouse and Dinner will be at the lodge. You can choices different kinds of breakfast, lunch, and dinner by the menu. 

Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty in Autumn

Langtang Trekking Difficulty is Moderate/easy than other high regions treks of Himalayans. Langtang Trek is not that difficult level for adventure trekkers, there are no confusing trails or tough terrains but you have to be fitness healthy, and strong mind with physical training. Before reach Kyanjin Gompa you have to walk 5 to 6 hours per day through the wonderful natural, short rocky trail, fresh environment, and some of the stone steps.

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