Best Time to trek Annapurna Circuit Trek - Spring/Autumn Season in Tilicho Lake

  • Updated on Mar 9, 2022
  • Govinda Gurung

Annapurna Circuit spins around a few delightful spots like Jomsom, Muktinath, Manang. You'll arrive at the most noteworthy point, Thorong La Pass(5,416m) and Tilicho Lake(4,936m). The perspectives on these spots are stunning. The paths are through the delightful place that is known for the Annapurna area. In any case, the best time for Annapurna Circuit journeying is during Autumn (September, October, and November). The time between mid-September to mid-November is the rush hour to go. After Autumn, Spring is the second-best time. Spring is a period of tone. During these times, the climate and temperature conditions in the Annapurna area will remain steady.

The Annapurna Circuit Trek with Tilicho lake's amazingly wonderful scenes, stunning mountain ranges, shining waterways, successive crevasses and caverns, and various paths, all recorded for underscoring the style of this circuit region. Annapurna Circuit Trekking, otherwise called Around Annapurna Trek, is the experience journeying trip in the Himalaya that carries life-enduring recollections to you. The journey difficulties you with several days of strolling in the tremendous rugged scene.

There are genuine advantages and burdens for each season. You should ponder the climate regardless of whether you are an accomplished traveler prior to fixing your arrangement. While we don't suggest you do this trip in the colder time of year, with the right stuff and great arrangement it is conceivable.

It's feasible to travel the Annapurna Circuit trek for the vast majority of the year, simply keep away from the June-August storm season when waterways flood and avalanches happen. Fall (Sep-Nov) brings clear skies, in addition to the bugs and residue that have been washed away by the downpours. Spring (Feb-mid April) has hotter, longer days, with the rhododendrons blossoming in max speed, yet lower elevations can be foggy in May. You can likewise travel in winter. Snow frequently hinders the Thorong La pass, building delay, or a diversion into a trip, yet Nov-Dec is magnificently tranquil. Do wrap up, however; temperatures are fresh by day and underneath freezing around evening time.

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Climate and Temperature at Annapurna Circuit in Autumn

Harvest time (September, October, and November) encounters three various types of weather patterns.

Post Monsoon weather conditions are the climate that happens in early Autumn. Toward the beginning of September, it could in any case rain in the Annapurna area. While traveling at this time, you could in any case see the wet paths and damp climate. There are conceivable outcomes that it could rain during the evenings as in rainstorm.

Stable Weather is the weather conditions experienced in the time between Mid-September to mid-November. During this time, there are minimal possibilities of rainfalls and snowfalls. Both the days and evenings are clear and wonderful. The temperature in the two days and evenings is moderate.

Pre-Winter Weather is the climate when the temperature at the Annapurna district diminishes and creeps towards the colder time of year temperature. These weather conditions happen as Autumn reaches its end. The temperatures in both the days and evenings diminish and the district becomes colder.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Spring (March to May)

This is the most famous season for journeying in Nepal as a result of the reasonable climate and radiant days. Mornings and nights will be cold when you are at higher elevations however by and large temperatures will go from 7 to 24oC, with a normal of 15. There is no downpour during this time and the skies will be generally clear.

The vegetation is in full blossom during this season. Nepal's public blossom, the rhododendron is found at lower heights and is especially lovely. Different wildflowers give a variety of tones and the pine backwoods at lower heights will be new and fragrant.

Annapurna Circuit Trek in SUMMER

Summer in Nepal begins from mid to late June or early July. The rainstorm of June welcomes the hotness, while August says goodbye to the mid-year.

Despite the fact that Nepal experiences a heavy deluge during this season, precipitation is very scant in certain pieces of the Annapurna circuit locale, including Manang and Muktinath, in light of its area. This element makes the Annapurna circuit journey capable in any event, during this season, however, it's not the most ideal opportunity to travel around.

The serious issue you face while journeying during this season is that they are probably going to encounter landslides, bloodsuckers, mosquitoes, and dangerous paths. However, the quantity of adventurers during this period is low and there are individuals who like to travel when the traffic of guests is scant.

Likewise, there are various vegetations that blossom and develop during this season and add to the feel of the path during summer.

One more angle which goes about as a feature of this season is the nearby Yarlung Mela which happens in Muktinath during the full moon of August.

This fair is commended for 3 days and notices horse races, nearby moves, and tunes, arrow-based weaponry, and that's just the beginning.

Annapurna Circuit Trekking in Winter

The Annapurna Circuit journey is a moderate level traveling. You can go on this journey whenever of the year. In any case, the Annapurna circuit journey in slow times of year (Winter and Monsoon) isn't so well known as in the pinnacle seasons (Autumn and Spring).

The Annapurna circuit journey course meets a height of 5416 meters at the Thorong La Pass. The weather conditions changes at the highest point of the pass are dynamic. Because of its high height, the temperature at the pass turns out to be freezing. Subsequently, the pass encounters blanketed climate. The pass stays plunged inside the immense heaps of snow and along these lines stays shut for journeying.

Because of this explanation, we don't suggest journeying in the Annapurna district in winter. Journeying in winter implies you will see weighty snowfalls at other higher regions on the trip as well. The snowfalls are by and large joined by unforgiving snowstorms. Indeed, even the nearby individuals in the higher height move towards the lower rises to get away from the grim winter.

Notwithstanding, the Himalayas look flawless while covered with gigantic heaps of white snow. To the trying travelers, the Annapurna circuit journey in winter is an ideal experience.

However, ensure you set yourself up to see the most obviously terrible atmospheric conditions and different difficulties that could go along while traveling. Additionally, you should be additional mindful in regards to your security. Likewise, you should take fitting and sufficient traveling gears for journeying in the Annapurna circuit in Winter.

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